Learn in a collaborative way.

Peer correcting, peer learning and learn with up-to-date and open-source courses

Learn in a collaborative way with open-source courses ?

The Internet has changed how we learn and how we collaborate. It's time to change the education and improve it with open courses by collaborating to learn. High-quality courses in all languages and written by the community must be available for everyone in the world !

Open-courses isn't just a platform with courses. It's a collaborative platform helping student to collaborate by using the peer-learning methods, by being closed to teacher and others students.

"Open courses" means you are free to modify, copy, use, redistribute and collaborate to improve them. It's time to free the knowledge by offering complete courses in several formats such as videos, e-books, books, pdf.

Open-courses platform will be available as an open-source software you can download and install it on your server or directly accessible at this adress. We need collaborators, contact us.

As a teacher,

you can share your knowledge

You have the knowledge the world needs. Open-courses lets you share it easily and collaborate with others students to improve your courses' content.

By sharing your knowledge through your courses as open, you give to the community the possibility to improve them and translate it in others languages.

you can use and improve other teachers' courses without copyright

Do not rewrite a course from scratch.

All courses on open-courses are open-source: it means you can copy, redistribute, and improve their contents. After changing the content or remove some chapters you don't want, you can use it to teach to your students. You can also propose to add your changes to the original course.

you are closed to your student and can follow their progress

Open-courses platform offers you easy tools to follow your students' progress. We also offers tools encouraging students to collaborate with the peer-learning and peer-correcting methods.

With our tools, you can manage the exercices you give, give additional exercices to some students, talk with them, manage slots to meet them...

As a student,

you get access to high quality courses in your language and in several formats.

Courses are written by teachers and improved by the community such as you.

Lazy to read ? We try to offer the same content in several formats such as videos.
We also offer to print courses and we're working hard to translate courses in several languages.

you learn with others students thanks to peer-correcting and peer-learning.

Lazy to learn alone ? We do not just offer a platform with open courses, we also offer a modern way to learn.

We connect you to others students. When you finish a lesson, you have to answer to a quizz and you will be correct by other students. A forum and a chat are there to collaborate.

you can get a job from our partners.

Having new knowledge implies companies can be interested in offering you a new job. Our knowledge certification proof your skills. We guide through our courses to formations.

We connect you to partners which are always searching for new employees and new talents.

And if I'm not a teacher or a student ?


As a company, you are always searching the best people with some knowledge. Open-courses brings you to best students and you can be sure they have the skills you are looking for.


Having courses in lots of domains isn't enough. We need to translate them to spread the knowledge.

Open-courses offers simple tools to translate courses

Designer, graphic artist, web developer, printer

We want to offer to possibility to print courses in books and it's always easier to learn with good illustrations and designs.


Open-courses is not only available at this adress. Open-courses platform is an open-source web application, it means you can download it and your teachers and students can use the open-courses platform as here.


Our students need sometimes tutors to help them. We offer you the opportunity to help students who has difficulties. And with easy tools !

You choose your time slot and the fields you want to teach and we connect you to students.

None of these or all of these ?

You always have something to learn to someone else.

You can participate in the community by checking the contents, making feedback, commenting, translate in your language.

We want to connect everyone in the world to build the largest knowledge and courses platform.

Are you interested in the project ?

We are looking for collaborators to develop the platform and we also need courses distributed under Creative Commons license

Feel free to contact us: contact@open-courses.org